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We look forward to offering you a remarkably distinctive dental experience. Our expert team is led by endodontist Dr.Terry Isom and Dr. Vic Mancuso who have extensive experience in the field of endodontics.

Isom Endodontics is known for the extraordinary experience we provide our patients. Time and time again, those who we treat are pleased and surprised that their visit with us is very different from what is typically expected when getting root canals.

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Dear Terry, Thank you for your follow up call to me this morning. It is another example of how thoroughly folks in your office go the extra mile on behalf of your patients. I am deeply grateful to your staff for making the last minute cancellation time slot available to me, despite the fact that my insurance is not part of your regular network. My provider told me that I was looking at a wait of as much as 1 – 2 months to rectify this extremely painful situation. That was scary, especially since the pain relief drug did not leave me in a condition to perform professionally on the job. Everyone I encountered at Isomendodontics smiled like they meant it and were helpful, from (named Andrea? Amanda?) who greeted me at the front reception desk, to the lady who stopped as she was returning from her lunch break to ensure we’d been helped, to Angie who brought kindness and focused attention to detail to her assessment conversation with me. I’m confident that Angie’s careful, thoughtful attitude to conducting my xrays and intake were a big part of why this visit got to the real reason for my pain. And Dr. Isom – Terry – you conducted a carefull assessment of my pain that revealed the real source of my problem, which had been missed in several earlier dental appointments, so you are the reason my life is back to normal this morning. Thank you for creating a system that cultivates excellent performance inside your practice! Medical and dental practitioners are being encouraged to speed up processes and create efficiencies in order to see more patients, but you also took the time to evaluate my situation carefully. Thank you! With gratitude.

From a Patient

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